+ Senior Week is only for current Harvard College Class of 2018
+ All events need a ticket with your name on it, an HUID, and a government ID (state license for
   US citizens or passport for internationals) 
+ Moonlight Cruise and Last Chance Dance are 21+ events
+ If at any point you have questions about ticketing, please email Class Treasurer, Daniel Montoya,
   at danielmontoya@college.harvard.edu

Where and when do I buy the tickets? 

You can buy them at Farkas Hall (10 Holyoke Street) starting May 4th starting at 12 noon on a first come first serve basis. Box Office hours are noon to 6PM, Tuesday through Sunday. You can also buy them online at boxoffice.harvard.edu. Your HUID is required when buying tickets. 

How much do tickets cost? 

For the Senior Soirée, Moonlight Cruise, and Last Chance Dance, tickets are $35 each. 
The Night at the Museum and Senior Talent Show are free.

Can I buy a ticket for my friend? 

No, you can only buy for yourself. Your friends cannot buy them for you (even if they have your HUID with them!).

If I bought them online, how can I pick them up? How do I get tickets for the Senior Talent show? 

You can pick them up in person at Farkas Hall in the ticketing center. Senior Talent show tickets will be distributed on the day of the Talent Show in the Sanders Theater Box Office starting 7pm.

What is the difference between buying online and going to Farkas Hall? 

Going to Farkas Hall is free! For internet purchases, you will be charged $6 per charged item ($6 for the bundle or $6 per individual item) and $3 per free item (Museum).

What if I am SEF-eligible? 

All Senior Week tickets are SEF-eligible. You can also choose to SEF the entire Senior Week bundle, excluding The Night at the Museum as admission is free.  

What is a bundle and what is the point? 

A bundle is where you buy your tickets for all four events: Moonlight Cruise, Night at the Museum, Last Chance Dance, and Senior Soirée simultaneously. While the bundle does not come with a price discount, it effectively saves you $6 per transaction if you buy them online.