Class Day Exercises

The Class Day Exercises on Wednesday, May 23 will feature speeches from two members of the Class of 2018, the performance of the Class Ode, and the presentation of the Ames Award.

The 2018 Senior Class Committee is seeking submissions for the Harvard Oration, Ivy Orations, and Class Ode, as well as nominations for the Ames Award. Please see the descriptions of each below. 

The Harvard Oration - The Harvard Oration is a time to reflect on our journey over the past four years for the Harvard College Class of 2018. This speech is intended to be a chance to commemorate our experience with a few words and stories that will resonate with the class. This is also an opportunity to look forward as a class and ponder how our journey will continue past Johnston Gate. The speech should be no longer than four minutes. Apply here.

The Ivy Oration - The Ivy Oration is a time to laugh and smile about our journey over the past four years. It is a chance to take a more light-hearted approach to Commencement week. This speech is intended to weave humor into a reflection of our college experience. It is an opportunity to share memories and inside jokes with the class, many of which we will fondly take with us. The speech should be no longer than four minutes. Apply here.

The Class Ode The Class Ode is an original composition of two verses set to the tune of Fair Harvard. The lyrics should be reflective in some way of our college experience, but they need not choose between a reflective tone or a humorous tone. A successful composition may be one that weaves the two tones together to create a particularly engaging piece. The odists are responsible for arranging any musical accompaniment, though this is not required but rather strongly encouraged. This Class Day performance can be done in a group of people, and the composition can cover a wide range of topics and ideas. Apply here.

The Richard Glover Ames and Henry Russell Ames Award - The Ames Award is given to seniors who have shown heroic character and energy with helping others and whose substantial contributions may not have been acknowledged. This prestigious honor will be granted to two individuals. The goal of this award is to honor unsung heroes of the Class of 2018. Submit nominations here.

Note: All submissions and nominations must be received by Friday, March 23 at noon.

If you have any questions about these roles or the Class Day Exercises, please feel free to contact the Harvard Alumni Association